One day Nasrudin talking with GOD in his Pray :

N : Hey GOD, how are you..?

G : Hey Nasrudin. I’m Good. (w/ smile)

N : GOD i need to ask you some question, can I..?

G : Yeah, you can (calmly)

N : Why i have wife is so beautiful?

G : That’s why you choose her, Din (calmly)

N : And Why my wife is so kind and care with me?

G : That’s why you choose her, Din (calmly)

N : But, sorry GOD i ask this. Please don’t be angry.

G : It’s okay, why is there GOD with Ultimate Love is angry to you (w/ lovely)

N : Why she is so foolish?

G : (w/ calmly GOD answer) That’s why She choose You..! if she is clever, she will choose another Man.

No one perfect, respect and gratefully what we have. Choose wisely, after choose accepted them just the way they are. Because us too is not perfect. This story just a fiction from our friend in Sufism. I’m so sorry if any words are not pleasing. Thank you, and Happy weekend, Have a nice day, Love and accept your family, partner and your close relative.

Have a nice day..^^v

by: Michael (Kuroi Senko 黒い閃光)