First we apologize for be off for so long because of much things to do with us. We have some drafts may will submit this month. This time we will tell our member’s story more personalized phase 2. So you can know us. From different background and many personality, with specific excellence and weakness. We complement each other and make us learn to be a better man.

Angga : First one is Angga, he is a “Genius”, with IQ 140 he is smart and the diligent one. He had an acceleration class so have graduation faster than other in Junior High school. He have hard time too before, he join the acceleration test from the other school (say School B), but the only one school (say school A) is certified this program in the district. So he got bullying first by friend and teacher, because a transfer student. He has so many test must done in one day, when normally other finish the test in 2 months. But he is not alone, he with one boy (say him R) from the same school (B) but they not know each other. Later he know that man is a number one honor student at this province. Short story, two of them can pass the test and transfer to school (A) as acceleration student. He and R look like twin, in personality, behaviour and physically but the brain is different, R are a genius one and multi talent. Often teacher wrong call both of them.

Angga is really good in science like: Physic, English and mathematics. Everything he do probability, he always use percentage with all case and calculated every worst possibility. Can we say he is a brilliant member in many of academic subject. He also a Pygmalion, look a positive man, but we not think that way. He already calculate the worst case use negative thinking, so the reality is always much better than he had predict, so he still can think it positively. He is also Kuroi Senko technical consultant and accountant.

His weakness is really bad in shorten memory, a nerd and often be a sacrifice, he have like a girl (say RA), but when he know his best friend R is like her too. Angga is known as good boy, and know close with RA’s parents too. But he keep itself the feeling to no one know, and he help R to close with RA, until both of them have a relationship. And he buried his feeling forever when no one know, he think it’s all okay for as long they are happy.

Kira : About Kira, he is a kind and honest boy. He have some hard time in survive life. We will tell a few story about him. He personally almost die a few times; almost accidently stabbed with long lumber and big spike. He have a few times traffic accident, by car, or when riding motorcycle too, lucky he still alive just have a few permanent scars. He almost killed by his friend because of misjudge, misunderstanding and slandered. When his birthday, his journalist club have fun do rafting, but in the middle coming the thunderstorms. When the boat downfall to a whirlpool he fall down and trapped. When he crashed hard by whirlpool to the cliff but he dive in to the water, and once again he so lucky there are a a really big cave so his head and body not crash the rock, after a few seconds hold on the rock the rescue team come and save him. In the same time, his father have a critical condition when chemotherapy at Singapore cause of cancer. The last thing make his view about death and life changed is when his father pass away, he still fifteen years old. Lost someone we rely and love the most is really hard time for anyone I think. That make he look at “death & life” in different way and like it really closed around all of us, he not want to trust and dependent to anyone anymore.

Every come to funeral he always joke to reminder us “be ready for our turn guys”. He arising out of compassion for the bereaved family. He look story of Cinderella is not a happy ending, but the story “after” the happy ending fairytale.  His favorite quote is: “life one more day” & “life one more night”. Some people look him as a pessimistic, but we think he is a realistic. We must remember our time is limited and can’t turning it back, so if not want regret don’t delay what you must to do, and don’t do anything wrong and harm anyone. We have responsibility with everything we had done in the past, so we ready to die anytime, it’s not mean we want to die. May it hard to understand in some ways, it’s okay.

He ever talk to his Guru, the last question he want to know when last moment, is our last breath “inhale or exhale”?! any other things doesn’t matter in our last time, so let it go everything. If we still can’t got what we want until last moment, at least we die as a fighter in the way and continue it in other life, not be a loser who giving up and not do anything. He is in midle age with originally black hair, but not want anyone pulling his white hair. He say, “let it be, so I will know when I’m already too old” haha… He is our old mind and motivator for us to not delay what task and work we have.

EL : He really love puzzle, mystery, case and detective. He is a mysterious guy, and he is big-fan of Lawliet (L) in Death Note. He know as cold-blood guy but warm heart. How bad the situation his expression is not change. And he have a favorite sit style like “L”, he say it’s true if he sit like that his analytical ability is improved. He also really love eat sweet things favorite one is Chocolate and favorite beverage is Green Tea, so like Japanese people. His favorite quote from Lawliet is:

“Food First, fight crime later.“

-L Lawliet-

That’s true, many Legend with Great History and Goodness He also have help solve a few criminal case in his life. Sample one is whe he solve a cheating of organization cash. He found the villains, but his great not just only that. Because the (pelaku) is their member, so he make a council with all the evidence and make culprit admitting his crime. And the cool one, he can make sure the council to give a chance to culprit apologize and try giving back the money he stolen with a limited time and EL is the one will take the responsibility to supervisory. So not need blow up this issue to police and public. Because can damage the image of university and organization to if it show up. After a few months the cash already back, and all the council forgive the villains. And a few case others he solve. He ever have to be a double agent in some political and organization case too. Really like true detective right?? Yes he is look cool that way.. haha..

He is antisocial. He not really like to spend time with other. Other people really often he is a cold person, and misjudge him an egoism. The truth not like that, we know he also really care with other people feeling around him. And he is not much talk. He is the smartest analytical guy and Emo member with long messy hair.

We wish, May all of you be happy just the way you are. No matter who you are, you have specific excellence and weakness. We all unique in our way. Have a nice weekend.. Oyasuminasai..^^v

by: Kuroi Senko 黒い閃光