This time we want to share little things about food because all of us is foodie. X)) Our Philosophy of food is “Never Wasting Food”. this is most of parents basic lecture to their children i think. For us there is a few things to note:

  1. If you not want to eat it, don’t order or take it.
  2. if you want to share to others (friend or animals), make sure it clean and not just  a cast off.
  3. We must responsibility with everything we choose, how bad the taste we are the one choose it.
  4. We are Lucky enough still can choose what kind of food we want to eat.
  5. Make a “Clean Sheet” make Mom easier to wash the plate. Xp
  6. And since i read a story “Kisah Sebutir Nasi”, here the link similar like what i have read long time ago: http://www.andriewongso.com/nilai-sebutir-nasi/  AND http://www.carinoz.com/cerita-anak-berharganya-sebutir-nasi/

The only one flaws of this is, if you want to do “Diet” trust me, you will be “FAILED..!!”

Always “Be Grateful” whatever we have right now. Save food, save the planet, respect to others.. Have a nice rest all.. Wan an..^^v

by:  Acong (Kuroi Senko 黒い閃光)