This time we will tell our member’s story more personalized. So you can know us. From different background and many personality, with specific excellence and weakness. We complement each other and make us learn to be a better man.

Acong; Without doubt you all know he is Chinese bloodline. His Grandfather is from Guangdong – China. Yup he half blood line Indonesian and Chinese and his identity is Indonesian. He really love Chinese history, philosophy of Confucius and Taoism.  He also learn Pin-yin (Chinese language) and can write calligraphy (not bad). He good in language and conversation, his English too is good. He is the often meet up with any foreigners. Can we say Acong is International Minister of Kuroi Senko. He has ability to get a point of conversation with just listen some part. He also can do a “cold reading” so if any language he don’t know, with the body language and expression he know what it’s the point. (This ability just can apply for Man).

Yes he can a few languages like, Balinese, Melayu, Javanese, Mandarin, Japanese, English, and a little Deutsch. His weakness is in vocabulary still limited. He is really bad do conversation with any women. Don’t know, maybe he is always nervous and a little scared talk to women.

Charles; Even we all a man, can we say Charles was the most handsome and have nice body. Not need to much tell about this we think Xp He also have good reputation in his society. Yes he so proud with his name same like Prince of Wales. He really love England football team, in World Cup he always support England team even they not yet can pass until final phase in the last decade. His favorite player is David Beckham.

He is good with any kind of sport. He had been a part in some of the clubs: basketball, soccer, futsal, ping pong, volley, badminton, tennis, athletic (running). Also ever play American football as “Linebacker”, good in watersport etc. He is brave and really like a challenge, he can drive a variety of vehicles, only need 5-10 minutes to learn and adapted new vehicles (except plane of course never try).

He had a bad body balance, he really easy and often to fallen down suddenly. Because his head collided and his “Koklea” had damage, make his balance and hearing of right ears impaired. His right ear is not function well to, and he have a mini button (keloid) in his left shoulder. That make his reflex body can’t work well. Right now he already retired in sport activity because already old and have some physical trouble. Right now he is our Transportation Minister, also is our driver when go anywhere. lol

Ucok; He know as a programmer and gamer. His favorite game is RPG and Tactical like Final Fantasy. He had been a Chairman of SCC (Smansa Computer Community). The Leader and Mentor of Division One (programing). He know as a gamer and Cracker (the opposite of Hacker).

He has second (2nd) place in OSN (Olimpiade Sains Nasional) district region, and sixth (6th) place in province region in OSN Computer Major. He also have been a finalist NLC (National Logic Competition) at ITS Surabaya, with team name “Smansa White Fang”. His nickname in high school is Shiroi Kiba. His eye is really awesome, even in hours front of the computer, just need take a nap can recovery his eye perfectly. In a few computer application he is excellent but not yet mastered, like photo editor, video editor, programming (turbo pascal & C++), web design use adobe Dreamweaver, etc.. Yeah, right now he is IT department of Kuroi Senko and this website too have maintained by him.

Yeah he look so mastered about any IT application, but one thing need to note he is not like up-to-date about gadget and device. He can say gaptek, clueless about up-to-date technology. He not like to follow the flow of technology what running so fast, he will change device if the device he have already broken or not functional, as long application he need can running enough and device still can repair he not really care use the old-style. Look a little humble, but don’t know in the perspective of IT people;

That’s a few of us, the others will coming soon. Even we from different background, we all treat each other as brotherhood. Thank you for reading, if you not get benefits so sorry.

We wish, May all of you be happy just the way you are. No matter who you are, you have specific excellence and weakness. We all unique in our way. Have a nice day.. ^^v

by: Kuroi Senko 黒い閃光