One day, In the noon at the site project my Goddess come with her Mom coe to see me. I’m really happy, because this is the first time they come to see me. And that time, Goddess give me a letter without say a word. She is so beautiful, she use casual white shirt with long pink lace skirt. After that, they back home. And I open her letter, that is an invitation to Her Wedding ceremony for next day.

Then, after work at project, I’m back to my apartment with my architect assistant. My apartment is beside Goddess’s apartment, yes we are neighbor. That night I have visited her house, and she is already sleeping. Tonight I’m not work overtime like normally. Just stay beside her to spent all this night stay with her look her so beautiful face when sleep for the last time. And I whisper sing a song: “I don’t wanna to miss a thing – Aerosmith”. I remember long time ago when we are back from visit to her mom’s hometown we use train. She have slept at the train, even I’m really tired, I won’t close my eyes, stunned see her face. And yes I sing in my mind, that song too. :’)

Tonight there’s so many feeling blowing inside me. The strongest one is “Happy”. Finally my Goddess will have a new life, wish she always be happy with a man of her choice. That time I not know who is the Groom, I think I know that the Luckiest Man in the world. Leave me save all this feeling and memory inside my heart, as the precious treasure for me.

And the morning is coming, the day my Goddess will begin new life story. Of course i’m coming to her wedding. Look she is really happy with really awesome white wedding dress. Honestly I’m a little sad, finally my eye is wet again after 9 years (man must be strong, right?!). But note one thing, nothing regret in my heart, from the deep of my Heart I say this, Congratulations Goddess.^^ May you be Happy ever after.  ♥

by: David (Kuroi Senko 黒い閃光)