This story from my friend in Sufis. This simple story about “E-G-O”.

‘Once upon a time, in a village there a really big tree give trouble to access road to the village. Every villager try to cut it and no one can. Until come one man with HUMBLE he say, “may I can help to cut this tree”. With all the effort he try and he can cut it.

Everyone praise him, give him presents and nice service. Because of that, his ego is rising up. Three months later, there are the same case in other side of village. Now he come to cut it and he failed. What’s the different?? Now he come with big ego and label, “I am is a greatest man in this village no one can compare with me”. And he failed because have a big Ego.’

Stay mindful when get presents, nice service and praise from people. That things is not evil but when we neglectful, that is favorite food for growing up our ego. If you on the way of spiritual, how to know your path is right? The the sign is our “EGO” gradually getting less. Impossible that’s it suddenly disappear. It need processed and when you in a young age walk in it slowly but make sure still on the right track.

One time someone “GURU” tell me:

“Made, the moment you want try to explain that’s Ego”.


picture cr: http://zenbuddhismforthought.blogspot.co.id/

by: Made (Kuroi Senko 黒い閃光)