This a story about “Karate” from Okinawa-Japan.

There a dojo where people practice karate, and the Sensei already 3rd DAN train a few novice student. One day in a dojo, the student want to know and ask the Sensei: “Sensei  what it is Karate?” The Sensei say, “karate is, smiling in all situation”. The student not understand, but because respect with the master he not interrupt him.

After training they go back to the village, the students meet American’s soldier drunk and make a mess in the village. This novice karateka ready to fight with all jutsu they know. Before they start a clash, the Sensei come and smiling to the American’s soldier and say “Welcome to Okinawa, you will have spent unforgettable precious moment in your life here”.

At that time many things the Sensei was saved. First the student try want to fight American’s soldier with gun? Just waste his life. There’s no clash between Japan and America. And last one, the dojo got sponsorship from the American’s Soldier because they have happy time in Okinawa.

Whatever the situation you face stay kind and smiling guys. You are amazing just the way you are..!! I believe many good things will come to our live when it’s time, The universe is really amazing, explore it..^^


by: Charles (Kuroi Senko 黒い閃光)