Would you tell me what you see? Things I see everyday.

“Look at the people, Tell me which one is free. Free from debt, anxiety, stress, fear, failure, indignity, derogation. How many was there born not known what they burden?. Ask your self, how many want do things the same way all over there? How many go through life like me?”  – Jack Reacher-

I’m personally respect and fans of Tom Cruise since watching “TOP GUN” ^^v I like every movie he cast, the best role is when he play in “Mission Impossible”. But “Jack Reacher” is special, cause the story and way of life the main character (Jack Reacher) is so inspired me and most of member of “kuroi senko”, we move in the shadow.  wish the best luck for our Big Brother (Tom Cruise)  (^/\^)

by: Charles (Kuroi Senko 黒い閃光)