Want to share my friend treasure diary with people they love, wish you all have great memory to paint your day and be your motivation in up and down of life..

  • at 2013 First time meet Goddess family, with friends LN & sister, my friends (Suarez brother lol) and RC at a new Great Mall in this city. We watch a movie created by Disney that’s “Frozen”. After or before (forget) watching  we have lunch at “Es Teller xx”,  there we meet with someone know her, and ask some question. Honestly i’m a little mad with that old man/women don’t know what reason exactly. Then we go back, and i’m back to hotel, thanks for that day..^^

  • (../..) First time can hangout with Goddess and family. We meet at the Mall with Japanese culture so awesome in this city. We watch a “Snoopy and Charlie Brown”, i come use a taxi bike cause not yet can borrow any transport. When want to back, we both use taxi bike, so both of us walking to front Mall, i’m so nervous my chest beating fast, can walk with Goddess until nearly hit the parking crossbar. so embarrassed but i’m Happy >,<”
  • In the Sunday after pray at Temple usually they come, they ask to go a place near that to have lunch. We eat fried chicken (not advertising), then go to book store. when we wait her mom have business, my Goddess tell if she want to have Vocal Private Lesson but have limited in some thing, what i know she is really awesome play guitar and have great voice when sing like one Japanese actress. And you know she already created her own song. I will always support her as friend, hope one day her dream come true. then, we meet her father to there.

  • 19/12 We have time to Greatest Japanese Mall in this district, and watch new movie “Star Wars : The Force Awakens”, this time is really special for me know why?? this first time i have seat beside Goddess in the cinema, nervous of course and i can have little talk too then share some Popcorn ❤ After that we eat lunch at solaria, i have a behavior take food picture, to keep the memory that time, want to take picture with them but too shy. Then we walking around this great place look some of mouse little doll in house toy, so beautiful and cute. Really happy, thanks for today, oyasumi..
  • 22/12 This time Goddess have an event in a little far away place. but her mom tell me, and i promise to coming. Give a little surprise maybe hehe.. when wait the event begin, i’m alone walking to the market near there and got a cheap one Real Madrid jacket for my brother and a black sandal :p Then the event will be start, her father tell me to help prepare the presentation. This is first time i fell can do something helpful for them. Later i know cause in that presentation connect that notebook her disk damage by virus and broken her writing, make her so sad, of course i fell guilty can’t notice that. so sorry for that. Then the talks have finish and so great, cause this day is Mother Day, feel happy look all people there can hug and share love each child with parent in the end of event, when mine has passed away.. one more thing i know, that place is the place Goddess have first time talk show few years ago. wish them luck in next event and personal life.. oyasumi..^^

Yeah time can change everything, but the good memory we have with people we love will always be our treasure. So keep your head up and smile, make good memory with people closed you even not know what will happened in the future, at least there still be yours treasure memory forever. Thank you want to read, feel free share you good memory to others. Love you all.. oyasuminasai.. ^^

by: David (Kuroi Senko 黒い閃光)