After write things make me wonder about me, her and him. I stopped, who am I..??! I am not deserve to ask anything her privacy. So just want to tell I will respect whatever her choice, i am too stupid and idiot to notice it self. She is adorable and awesome, worth it to get that wonderful people be friends around her and the best brave gentleman to be her partner. I think since I am it’s no one in her life, but don’t know why i still want try make my daydream stay longer as long it still look 0,01% chance.

Honestly i confess every single day I have thinking of her and most of night dream about her. That little thing make me really happy in a moment when down, sorry to steal take picture and i have written our dream trip diary to remember, because I’m too afraid lose her like last dream and realize one time this dream too will ended. At least I have a few piece of happiness I can remember alone. Even it just a dream, the happy dreams. I don’t know what my next dream to chase after that must family responsibility goal has done. Always feel I haven’t much time in this dream. Hope can done what must do on time and prepare to this dream body can useful in the end. I have nothing and no one, so I will leave nothing. Just prepared and wish the best to my family and her with family.

Thank you ever make me know this awesome feeling called Love in my real dream. Wish you always be happy, keep strong and chase your real dream, i’m watching. Don’t let any man easy to chase you and hold your hand even in dream hehe.. See you next dream. Promised.. Have a nice Dream.. ^^♥

-David (Kuroisenko)-