This time want to share my personal experience about 2 things in society is so normally to consume. Honestly i will give recognition, Yes..!! i ever try that even in Eastern culture. If any of you have prejudice to me it’s okay, me is so often take it even from my close people too. This just share my story, no one know right or wrong, just an experience. I want to tell in basically i not have good health, especially my lung and respiration. Since 4 years old i supposedly symptoms of TBC by Doctor, and have a fleck in few times Rontgen Lungs, suspected Sinusitis recommended do an operation but i don’t and yet still okay until now indeed.

Okay my first story is about smoking. I think everyone know smoking and a survey by Ministry of Health (P2PL)  in indonesian 2013 more than 61% Indonesian people are active smoker and and so many is passive smoker. What’s that mean active or passive you can find it self hehe.. In my society as a man that is really not cool or gentle if not smoking (That’s Not..!!). And i ever once try it in junior high school, in one suction it make me tightness and coughing. Later i know that’s mean my body reject the toxic in that. Since that day i don’t want to try it again. The gentleman is not caused you smoke or not, that’s looked by your Attitude and Responsibility. Until now sometimes i’m still be passive smoker cause of work and society, if can eschew i will or use mask. If you teenagers haven’t try it, DON’T..!!!  I discuss with so many smoker light class till heavy class, no one tell that’s a good thing. But still to stop it really so hard and make addicted. If you trapped it, once you not smoke your mind and body is not doing well, may like extreme addicted with coffee and alcohol. Once you can stop and try it again, harder to stop for the second times. So keep your healthy and care with people you love around not to be passive smoker.

The second thing is Alcohol, in western may this is so familiar cause of weather etc. But in Eastern especially Indonesia that’s different. Don’t know in detail, but only share personal experience. Be a teen who want to know anything and so curious. My friend is really often drink ever in class when i’m Senior High School in the bad guy class (i’m the good one, no one will trust haha). There is so many type of drink like Beer, Black Label, Red Label, Heineken, Tuak, Vodka, etc. I ever try is Vodka and Beer. My friend give me, and in curiosity i try it one gulp until a bottle, nothing happened i think it’s okay. It’s taste not bad, and so warm, but afraid to have drunk yet. Until one day i have a first time deep “broken heart”, my mind is chaos i think that’s the short cut to pass it in drunk. I  have drink Vodka 1 bottle, 2 bottle, 3 bottle until the 4th i’m drunk, alone in the field under the star in desperate heart. My body so hot, my face so Red in mirror, and what i feel is “funny” everything i see can make me laugh and like look Mr.Bean (lately know so many type of drunk different every person with characteristic like angry, laugh, nausea, etc). My body so light even i can remembered that broken heart moment i can’t stop laughing and see that a funny thing. If people say in drunk you not know what you do or conscious, That’s Not..! I know what i do, who i met, what they say but so hard to control self. If anyone know i’m drunk i will die, so i’m hurry back to my room and take slept so fast.

The problem is not over, it just started. After that anything not seen funny again. My brain is damaged and my mind so slow to thinking. Every  listening, i have a delay in few minutes from listen it until received to process with my brain. That’s happened a few month. Long time for treatment and after that i take it for lesson or kapok to take any alcohol drink again. And yet until know i feel it, my mind so slow and got hearing problem, need a few seconds and more concentrate to can hear word with right. In lately i have the biggest crisis in my live, Yup.. my deepest Broken Heart is when i meet a guy in the house of the girl i love. That’s make me chaos, insane and comes to mind to take the shortcut to forget with drunk again. But I’m not want it again, so i don’t and just go back to mess, try to take a sleep and think every possible positive things to self-entertaining and i can slept too. What’s the point?? The shortcut with drunk is not the solution, it’s damaged you more than a little moment to forget a problem and bring back it with bigger problem. So even in biggest crisis you take face it is better than run away to drunk cause the impact with your body is permanently. I know we all will die, soon or long. If longer one day life mean we can do something kindness one more day to perfecting our Pārami (goodness). So please don’t want to die so fast or ended your precious life.

If there is any are not pleasing, i’m so sorry. Just want share the bad impact in smoke and drunk base my opinion and experienced. Hope we can more care with our health, family, friends, all people we love around. Long life mean we have more time to do good things and upgrade yourself be a better and wiser person.

FYI in a few weeks we not go online and post cause must go far away for something work. Have a great night, oyasuminasai..^^ and LOVE YOU ALL.. ♥ ♥ May all being be free from hatred and be free from sufferings. May all beings be happy. –SSBS-

By: Michael (kuroisenko)