What’s Die and Death..??!!

I’m late realize it not long just 9 years ago, if that things is always around of us anywhere and  anytime. After someone who i loved has pass away, i’m got a shock therapy and a turning point in life. People must face Death..!! All people will face Death..!! That’s i have so much pain, desperate, angry, hate, sad, tears, and many more bad feeling coming up. The Heaviest thing more than any wound i have before like scratched by tiger, impaled sharp things, scratched by steel, fall down from traffic accident, got punched, trapped in the whirlpool, be sprained , etc.. more than that’s all is PAIN.. (Mental Suffering).

This’s just personal opinion, so really sorry if any disagree or complaint and please give  advice and comment too.. Thank you..

Death i think mean something physically lose it self chance to continued them existence, in easy language is “pass away”. And Die mean more specific and can used generally about something mentally gone, like “Humanity is Die”, “Compassion is Die”, etc..

Now what i mean Die and Death is always around us??

The first one is “Death”, ever you realized news about someone pass away or Death is really often we know, hear or maybe see directly. But is that nonsense for us? normally yes, me too in young age not really care, people come to life one day will pass away, there’s no problem? is it right? Yes, if that happened to people unknown. If that happened to someone we Loved, that’s the “Problem”. And recently I thought the biggest Crisis is when: “I face the Death”. Can we predict? the bad news is: No..!! one movie show it is series of “Final Destination”. We the human beings who so proud be the Great being, unfortunately not that strong.. We can be Death anytime, anywhere, and with any cause. So if that’s is will happen, what must we prepare to face Death..??!

The Second one is “Die”, what’s i mean die here is about the sensitivity of us to be a Human. Are we care if people behind us in the public train got molested, old man have back pain got stand up, your children  got bullied at school, or our family have problem, even with the place we live “Earth” are we care..?? Honestly i think still really often don’t care..!! Because we are too busy with our study, work, problem, depressed, relationship, career, etc.. Is can be a “Reason”..? hopefully there is No.. Yes we can’t  change the World be a Better Place in Instant, to be a Superhero, save the world etc.. What we see in society: Humanity is Die, Honestly is Die, compassion is Die, Lovingkindness is Die, bla.. bla.. bla.. One thing i learn in this 9 years may be more all time my life, is every people or may every beings is lack of attention and appreciation. I think that because i feel that, and know how is Pain. Yes, Pain (Dukkha) I ever have may is nothing compared by other, but with we know Pain. one my favourite quote about this is from Jiraya-sama (anime):

When people get hurt, they learn to hate… when people hurt others, they become hated and racked with guilt. But knowing that pain allows people to be kind. Pain allows people to grow… and how you grow is up to you.


The Third, what we can do to avoid Die (of humanity) and must do to face our Death. What i think the best thing is Kindness and Care. Whatever can do small or big thing kindness, use motto of Nike : Just Do It. ^^v  and you’ll haven’t any regret. If no one regret in your live, you can face the Death with bravery. Every time we remember Death, we must remind to do something most important before it late and have regret. Last i will give quote from Dhammpada VIII:

Although a person live a hundred years,
but it has bad manners and unrestrained,
in fact better is the daily life of people who have precepts and be mindful.

-Dhammpada VIII-

We know that’s not easy to communicate what we want to tell the others. Hope this write have good advantage for us. And thank you so much to read and really welcome with advice to make we be better and do self-introspection. Have a nice day and nice rest for all of you. Oyasuminasai.. Love You.. ♥♥♥

by: Kira (Kuroisenko)

picture by: Michael (Kuroisenko)