Hello, sorry not yet have introduce ourself because we are really busy to do save the world (just kidding). Basically we are a few man with similar characters and same vision from really different life. Most of people tell if we is 2 most things, kind and smart may be yes we are (our similarity). This site we made a few moth ago in our spare time. We love writing, even never make any book or article (underground). Hope this site can  be place we share a few things idea for goodness. This site is really “classified” and personal. We are: Acong, Charles, Ucok, Michael, Angga, Kira, EL, Made, David, Daniel. Thanks for reading, if any advice or story, please  don’t mind to share here too.. ^^

May all beings be happy…

-kuroisenko- ( 黒い閃光)

  • Man (100%)
  • Admirer philosophy  Itachi Uchiha.
  • Architect, Programmer, Scientist,  Waitress, Lecturer, Office boy, Driver, Writer, Gamer, Artist.
  • Buddhist – Pali Kanon
  • Introvert.
  • We are Good in many things (may Great a few), but no one Mastered.
  • Like music and singing only if we togethers, we same never can use any musical instrument properly, can’t build boy band (desperate).
  • The one hard to say “No”if someone needs help. (so not mention our number or contact here.. lol)
  • Someone special tell me if i’m – Free Spirit – realize lately, yes i’m. ^^v (guess who in us??)
  • Reluctant to cling with others people.
  • We are Overthinking.
  • Kuudere or Dandere.
  • Love every culture and aesthetic tradition especially Indonesia , Chinese, Greek and Classic Europe, Japan.
  • Not understand “Love” subject (we all), but never have any regret falling in love to “someone special”. (only 2 of us have this one hehe..)
  • Sleeping, reading, culinary, and traveling. (all of us).
  • We are not yet found any specific dream to chase, only one sure we want to become a better person.